Biggest Hand In High Stakes Poker History

Daniel Negreanu vs. Gus Hansen $600,000 Pot


2 thoughts on “Biggest Hand In High Stakes Poker History

  1. Dan

    This was an incredible pot; you certainly can’t blame Daniel for making the call against Gus, especially because of how Gus typically plays. With the pot at $176,700 after Daniel made the $65,000 bet, he was getting the right odds to call another $167,000. I mean, he basically just had to be right about his call less than 50% of the time for his call to be right. When the straight card hit the river, Daniel assumed he had the best hand. No full house with a single 5 could beat his sixes full, just pocket pairs. Gus played it perfectly, as Daniel never saw pocket fives or nines coming.

    Now if a 9 came on the turn instead of a 5, Daniel could have gotten away from the hand when faced with a raise like that. Many more combinations of hands could beat him in this case, such as 96, 95, etc.

  2. Bryan Hauer

    I think the real key to the pot was the “river bet”.

    I mean think about it… Gus checked which was absolutely perfectly played even though he had raised on the flop and led out on the turn.

    Daniel had a chance on the river to check it out, but you could just see his head turning trying to figure out what Gus had and how to play it. He obviously thought he had the best hand and even though he may have already somewhat been pot committed he had to realize that there were 3 other possible hands that could have beaten him.

    Either way it was a tough beat for Daniel.


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